Large Size Intelligent-Continuous laser processing Machine

The Intelligent-Continuous laser processing system is a universal laserprocessing system that integrates galvanometer control, machine vision,servo and stepper drive control technologies. This product features multi-axiscoordination, various calibration combinations, high-precision camerapositioning, and abundant CAD functions. lt can be used in the field of efficientand precise processing and has developed corresponding Zeus subsystems for large-format laser engraving applications, PCB processing, and the glassindustry, as well as PCB laser processingsubsystems and glass laser processing subsystems.


Large Size Processing Software

The Intelligent-Continuous laser processing system is a universal laser processing system that integrates galvanometer control, machine vision, servo and stepper drive control technologies. This product features multi-axis coordination, various calibration combinations, high-precision camera positioning, and rich CAD functions. It can be used in the field of efficient and precise processing and has developed corresponding Zeus subsystems for large-format laser engraving applications, PCB processing, and the glass industry, as well as PCB laser processing subsystems and glass laser processing subsystems.


Galvanometer correction Up to 65*65 dot correction, automatically completed by CCD and motion axis.
Scan Control Supports multiple protocols such as SL2-100/XY2-100, allowing feedback speed/position adjustment for processing.
Laser Control Supports QCW/FIBER-D/E/G/HPB, CO2, YAG, SPI laser types.
Axis Control hSuanpdpowrhtse4e-lacxoisnmtroolt.ion control, differential pulse frequency up to 4M HZ, supports XYZ encoder feedback, and supports
Processing Technology Iatnsdupqpuoarnttsitaadtiavpetaivuetocomnattrioclpoof wfrer udeteccytiaonnd. Ospuetpeudt, alansdersuppopwoerrtscuarvaer.iety of laser power meters, which can realize timing
Motion Correction Supports linear correction, platform correction, and optical path correction.
I/O Supports 16 universal digital inputs/16 universal digital outputs/2 universal analog inputs/2 universal analog outputs;
Automation Sinuspeprtoiortns iantvoarsioefttyPoLfCprweodrekfiflnoewd. input and output functions, start/complete/NG/emergency stop, etc., and supports
Soft PLC Sexutpeprnoarltscommumltipunleicgartoiounp/sjuodf wgmoreknflto, wetsc,.allowing users to edit multiple units by themselves, such as axis control/IO/status/
External Communications eTqhueispomftewnatrsetasutupsp/oprosctehsesidnegvreelcoipese/anltloowf einxgpacnlosuiodnmmaondaugleems,ebnatsaenddocnownhtrioclhcManESbedoachiinegveedx.pansion/outputting
Machine Vision oSubpseprovrattsiomnu/cltoipdlee rberaadnidnsg/opf ocsaimtioenrainsga.nSdupmpuoltritpslme cualtmipeleradsi.gBituailltl-iginhdt sisotourcieoncocnotrrroelcletirosn. function, can be used for Built-in Mil algorithm library supports up to 99 calibration point positioning. Cross/circle/rectangle, custom outline for
Visual Positioning aSnucphpoorritnsgflpyionigntssh. ooti g, has multiple compensation sch s such as direct compensation/secondary compensation/ discrete compensation, and can be expanded to support external positioning data.
Splicing Scheme Sbuy psipzoer, tbsyddoiuvibdlienYg, ldinoeu,bulseeXr-Yd, defionuebdle, egtacl.vanometer, and multiple control schemes. The splicing scheme supports by object,
Linkage Plan lTahsers/ygsatlevmanhoamsemteurl/tpi-latfisorlimnkraegael-tfiumnectfiuolnly, scelorvsoedm-lotoopr caonndtgroallvsaynstoem. ter linkage control, and a completely self-developed
Filling Method dOenvtehloepbeadsibs aosfetdheoonrtihgiencahl 8arfialclitnegrismtiectshoofdlisn, kveadriopuroscfiellsisnigngm. ethods such as circular/adaptive filling methods have been
Auto Focus Sstuapgpesorotfslmoaudltinipgl,epborsaintidosnoinfgla, asenrdrapnrogcinegsssinengs. ors, which can realize product height detection and compensation in multiple
Data Generation /SQuRppcodtes.the import of various vector files, supports the drawing of various geometric primitives, and supports text/barcode
Data Editing Sscuhpepmoretsoerdtining,gfioltpeerirnagti,oentcs.such as combination, node deletion, intersection removal/automatic connection, various
User Management Four levels of permissions/cloud login verification/non-operator login time limit/operator permission control.
Production Process cSounptprolr/tps reoxctesnsianlgtefixltedcaotnatirmolp. ort, supports external selection processing (EMAP), and supports processing parameter

Large Size Processing Controller

Zeus controller integrates laser galvanometer control and motion platform control, and is suitable for various complex large-format laser processing Equipment, such as laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser welding machines, etc., support linkage control and synchronization between galvanometers and motion platforms. High performance, with the characteristics of efficient, high-precision and high-quality laser processing, providing users with unlimited format laser processing Solutions are widely used in construction, automobiles, electronics, aerospace, art and other fields.


Main Configuration
Connection Method Gigabit Network Port
Applicable Laser All laser Types Mainstream In The Market
Galvanometer Control All Mainstream Galvanometer Types On The Market
Sport Control 4 Channels, Supports Encoder Feedback
Hand Wheel Support
Power Supply 24V DC Voltage Input
Digital Input Port 16
Digital Output Port 16
Analog Input Port 2
Analog Output Port 2
Encoder Input 2
Operating System Win10 /Win11 64 Bit
Integrated Laser Interface, No Need For Adapter Card Expansion
With Watchdog Function To Prevent Abnormal Conditions Of Growing Light
Suitable For Linkage Between Galvanometer And Platform For Unlimited Format Laser Processing Applications

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