Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine – HF – A – 20/30 W – M

The HF-A-20/30W-M handheld laser marker offers portability and precision with its 24V rechargeable battery, providing 6-8 hours of operation. Weighing 6 kg with a 1.25 kg ergonomic marking head, it’s perfect for large, hard-to-move workpieces. Supports various marking contents and features a rear USB interface. Comes with a convenient storage box for easy transport. Ideal for robust and reliable marking anywhere.



The HF-A-20/30W-M is a handheld, battery-powered smart laser marking machine, ideal for marking large or cumbersome workpieces. Weighing only 6 kg with a 1.25 kg marking head, it offers ergonomic handling and easy operation. Its powerful 24V rechargeable lithium battery provides 6-8 hours of operation, eliminating cable drag and power failure concerns. Supporting text, patterns, QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, and graphics, it features a rear USB interface and comes with a convenient storage box for portability. One of the smallest rechargeable laser marking machines available, it’s robust and reliable.


Model  HF-A-20W-M  HF-A-30W-M
Laser Parameters 19.5W 26.5W
Beam Quality M ² ≤1.4
Pulse Repetition Rate 27-60kHz
Laser Wavelength 1064 ±5
Output Power Stability <3%
Optical Properties Marking Range 75mm
Engraving Depth ≤1mm (Depending on Power and Time)
Engraving Speed ≤10000mm/s
Repeatability ±0.005
Minimum Marker Line Width 0. 1mm
Minimum Character Height 0.15mm
Use Environment Battery Life Under normal use, it can maintain work for 6-8 hours
Cooling Method Built-in Air Cooling
Power Supply to the System 500 W / 100-240 V / 50/60 Hz
Other Parameters Operating System Linux Operating System
File Format Software supports text, pattern, QR code, barcode, serial number,graphics and other marking content(standard USB input)
Dimensions Control Chassis:255X135X200mm Stamping Head:270X166X273mm
Total Weight The whole machine is 6kg, and the head is 1.25kg

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