TS4210D Series | Multifunctional Laser Trimming Machine

Multi-Function Laser Trimming & Cutting Machine – TS4210D Series Resistance, Current, Frequency, Voltage Laser Trimming & Cutting Machine



The TS4210D series laser trimming machine is a precision one which is designed and developed by Beijing Sharp Speed Precision Technology Co., Ltd. for the functional trimming market. It can precisely tune various parameters of thick-film integrated circuits. This device is widely applicable for laser trimming of pressure sensors, current sensors, photoelectric sensors, chargers, attenuators, various MEMS sensors, and other related products.


Model TS4210D Series
Measuring System Processing Range 1.0-10MΩ
Processing Precision ±0.3%
Measuring Precision <50Ω: ±0.02%(±0.5/R)
50-160KΩ: ±0.02%
>160KΩ: ±0.02% (±0.1 per MΩ)
Optical System Wavelength 1064nm
Working Size 100x100mm
Resolution 1.5μm
Repetition Precision 3.0μm
Beam Size 30-50μm
Control System Software Self-developed Trimlab
Operation System Win7/Win10
Language Multilingual
Software Customization Optional
Others Measuring Channel Card 24pin (Max. 96pin Optional)
Power Supply 220V 50HZ 10A
Gas Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
WorkingTemperature 24±4℃

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